youtube milestones

  1. Hakiii

    700 Subscribers! #Roadto1k

    Hey guys! We have hit 700 subscribers and i want to thank you all who have subscribed. I make IRL, commentary, gaming, tutorial, and trend videos! I always dreamed of being that guy on YouTube that continues to work hard until he reaches his goal. Have a wonderful day everyone :)
  2. KantoGaming

    Road to 1k

    Passed 700 subs!! Or membersof the Kanto Fam is what I like to call them :D Road to 1k is becoming real!
  3. KantoGaming


    Hooray!! I have reached 20,000 video views on my channel :) Now my next goal is 1,000 subs!
  4. J0eyy

    100 Views in 2 Weeks!

    So I started uploading videos 3 weeks ago but didn't really get into youtube into 2 weeks so I am on the right tracks!
  5. adams eats

    What it's been like in my first 2 months

    OK, normally these kind of threads are reserved for big milestones like a year or two, or reaching a certain amount of views or subscribers, but being a massive noob at this youtube I thought i'd give some insight into what it's been like for me, so hopefully some of you may take a bit of...