What Do You Want to Improve on Your Youtube Channel This New Year?


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What do you want to improve on your Youtube channel this new year? As you know, 2016 is coming up soon! We all have new years resolutions! But what on your channel do you want to improve on? Examples are: editing better, getting more views, promoting your channel, getting more attention, and etc. I personally would improve on getting more views, promoting my channel, and getting more attention from other people! What would you work on this new year? What would you improve on in Youtube? And last, do you think you would fulfill these Youtube goals by the end of the year? Leave your improvements down below in the comments section. And have a happy new year to all of us fellow Youtubers! :) :) :)
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Using less to no jump cuts, I have developed an interest stand up comedy and I realized that I could use my videos as some kind of example of my performance.

Although it will still contain sketches, special effects and animations lol
Need to work on my thumbnails, they're not bad but there's definitely need for improvement. Also have to be a bit more unique in the games I play so I stand out from the crowd.
I really wanna work on promoting my channel and I also wanna get a better editing program:happy:
I already got my Twitter set up (which I have no idea how to use effectively) but I'm workin on my resolution early!
Stick around, mostly. Last year I set my videos to scheduled and sort of left them to their own thing, and didn't pay much attention to them because I was busy. I want to actually be around and promote and work with other people, instead of just assuming it'll be done for me.
Mainly for me it is getting a green screen and focusing more on indie gaming and trying to attract more people to indie gaming.
I have already made a new professional intro and outro for my channel. I will be working harder at my accent because sometimes it sucks. So I will definitely be working on all of my flaws :)