1. VRONA

    Request Looking for New Banner for my Channel

    When recently looking for feedback on my channel, upgrading my banner came up frequently. I've been looking in a lot of places for someone who could make me a new banner for free. Sadly I am awful when it comes to coming up with banner designs. I am good with graphics editing, but I simply...
  2. Matthew Autry

    Other anyone want to do a collab?

    I'm a fairly new youtuber, and I would very much appreciate a colab with anyone, or mabe some tips for how to improve my channel would be much appreciated. thanks :)
  3. adams eats

    Your youtube pet peeves 2017 edition!

    As one of the mods suggested, I thought I'd start a new pet peeve thread as the other one is locked, old and probably has inactive users. So here we go What is your pet peeve about the glorious platform that is yoochoob! Mine are: 1.Check out my channel comments 2.Not being able to private...
  4. Kira.Yamaguchi

    Help me Improve

    Hey there! Been here for quite a while. Been trying out a lot of stuff here and there. Tried different recording softwares, experimenting with its settings and trying out different rendering settings. I've always tried my best to improve the quality of my videos, thumbnails, etc. every video...
  5. Queeningdaily365

    I make awsome thumbnails already

    I did graphics before youtube, what other branding improvements is a must for a growing audience, besides thumbnails?
  6. Pierre Maynard

    My first entertainment video! What do you all think? :)

    So i have recently just uploaded a new video called The Whisper challenge, Which i have never done a video about. I would like to know what was good about the video, and what was bad about the video. :) I would also like to know what other things i can add in my videos, and what other...
  7. BrinosaurasGaming

    What Do You Want to Improve on Your Youtube Channel This New Year?

    What do you want to improve on your Youtube channel this new year? As you know, 2016 is coming up soon! We all have new years resolutions! But what on your channel do you want to improve on? Examples are: editing better, getting more views, promoting your channel, getting more attention, and...