What Do You Guys Use To Record Gameplay?

I've used an Elgato Game Capture HD device (and its software) since ~2013, but I should probably upgrade. Everyone seems to really recommend OBS for streaming, though. I should probably give that a try!
I use XSplit Gamecaster and XSplit Broadcaster
I like them and i haven't really had any issues with them
OBS Studio is what I use and I'm very impressed with it. It let's me use a hardware encoder and captures gameplay at 1080p 60fps with negligible in-game lag as well as record audio on different tracks and at different levels so I don't have to edit as much.

Not sure how anything could beat it for the price...the price being totally free!
I use OBS Studio, I've had way better results with it than with anything else, including Bandicam, Fraps, Dxtory and Action!

However if you have the option, ShadowPlay is even better, I'd be using it, but I'm recording games which aren't supported by it
If you are on a windows, press windows + g. Log in and now you have an HD recorder to record your games through your laptop. I use this to record my on screen sometimes and tested it while playing games. Try it out
Personally I use OBS, it took a while to get into the right settings and can be a little temperamental, but it's so customisation and is really easy to use and is even better for if you want to do live streaming! You do need a fairly beefy computer though, as unlike Shadowplay or Crimson ReLive, it is a little heavier on the CPU side.
Bandicam for the most part, unless the game really isnt optimised well in which case i'll use nVidia ShadowPlay.