What Do You Do To Videos That Aren't Doing Well?

What do you do to videos that aren't doing well?

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My videos usually take weeks to make, so I'm not just going to take it down because it isn't doing well. It's my hard work, and, who knows, maybe traffic will pick up on it eventually.
What I usually do is if after awhile if it consistently isn't doing well (as in view-wise), I'll go and change up the tags a bit. TubeBuddy has been a huge help and I learned that a lot of my videos weren't good SEO wise. Though it's hard because I do want to delete some [emoji23]

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I normally just leave the video. Regardless of how well it may or may not do. Mainly because I know it takes a lot of work to make my videos these days. No matter which one it is.

The most I might do is update the thumbnail and tags if I was really bent on making that video better. But overall I'm okay with just leaving it as is.
Mine is kind of a mixed answer. I leave it but still try to get some exposure to it. 'Cause all in all a lot of work was put into making it. And who knows if that one video is what gets people to find you randomly.

I define a video that's "not doing well" when it doesn't get at least under 10 views of my 5 most recent videos. If for some reason it keeps getting dislikes and people actually tell me what's wrong with it. Ex: audio, video things like that.
I don't delete them.
I made only a few travel videos until now and of course some get more attention than the other just because of the destination. My videos of the Maldives are doing way better than the one of the baltic sea for example.
Maybe one day it will get more attention too, who knows?
I don't know what I'm doing wrong either, I uploaded my first video yesterday and literally have 1 view even though I comment on other people's posts, use tags, use good titles, etc..help? Channel name is planwithme