Weirdest comment you've ever got on a Video?

I had one person say "the toast tastes like matches." Which the toast in my video really did taste like matches so he must have actually tried what I did.
And I had a guy get mad at me when he found out I was married, and said he thought I was a single mom because I "looked like a single mom and I wanted to take you and your daughter out to dinner." So apparently I'm good enough to take to dinner but am apparently not attractive enough to have a husband.
Haha that's hilarious!

Mine was on a Premiere (video editing software) tutorial on my Hebrew channel, the guy said "I don't edit with premiere but it's fun to watch your tutorials", I'm sure there were more funny and weird comments but this one really got me.. Why would someone love watching a tutorial about a software that he doesn't care about? XD
I don't know if anyone will consider this weird but the oddest comment I ever got stated "That was the most unusual video ever". I don't know if this was a insult or what but this person did not elaborate on what was so unusual about it. It was just a video of me talking while playing a yea.