Weirdest comment you've ever got on a Video?

Hahahaha! I think the weirdest I got was "this guy is hot" from some guy and Binky was in a dress in the video that was commented on, hahaha.... not as weird as what you guys are bringing to the table, haha
This is one I got less than a week ago:
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Not the weirdest, but one of my first videos someone said, "This is horrible, you're not funny. Stop making videos immediately." I just laughed it off and now continue to come up with more ideas and more videos!
I had someone telling me in the comment section that he used my vids to 'jerk off'.... pretty gross and weird in my opinion... I don't care but plz don't tell me as well :p
Many years ago on an old channel where I taught people to do WoW Server Emulation I used to consistently get comments in Portuguese lolololol Was always weird stuff.