Ways to Advertise Your Channel

Thanks good advice! I'll have to give it a try! You don't have to link it but do you know what the "not followng back" services are called or what I'd google to find it? That'd be great! But yeah thanks again!

1. Setup a Crowdfire account (100% free) and link it to your Twitter. I personally like Crowdfire because it works like a "doctor" and gives you "prescriptions" every day. It gives you advice on who to follow, who to reply to, who to engage with based on keywords and other "big" YouTubbers within your niche. Once you have it all setup you only need to login each day, do your prescriptions and logout again. It also has a nice auto DM tool which you can setup, so whenever someone follows you then it will automatically send them a message introducing yourself. I don't recommend spamming your YouTube videos to them though.

2. After you've done your daily Crowdfire "prescriptions", do as I mentioned in my original post. Find some big YouTubbers within your niche (for me it would be people like KSI.. Because I do FIFA gaming videos), head over to their followers list and start following random people.. Maybe 200-250 people?

3. Wait 24 hours and you will find that 30%-40% of the people you randomly followed will follow you back.

4. Use a tool to unfollow the rest of the people who didn't follow you back. There are a few options here... I personally like to use ManageFlitter because you can unfollow people fast. They have a limit of 400 unfollows per day (unless you pay premium) but you shouldn't be following more than 200-250 people anyway, so it shouldn't matter. Another tool you can use is Unfollower Stats which is completely free.. HOWEVER its a lot slower to unfollow people; I recommend using it as a backup if you reach your daily limit on ManageFlitter.

5. Login to Crowdfire, do your prescriptions and repeat this process daily to grow your Twitter account.