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Hey everyone! I do sketch comedy on YouTube that's reminiscent to that of Smosh and Filthy Frank. My format may also remind you guys of Daniel Tosh from Tosh.0 because I stand in front of a white screen, say something semi-relatable and then show a skit based on whatever I said. Except there's always a twist! All if not most of my skits are completely stream-of-consciousness meaning they go in random directions at any given moment. Many people have said that they don't understand what's going on in my skits, I don't either to be honest, they're meant to be weird and extremely random, don't try to understand my comedy because it will make your brain hurt. Alright, now that unnecessary paragraph was about me, now let's talk about YOU! I want to collab with you! So if you're interested in being apart of a skit just let me know and I'll check out your channel, I honestly don't care how many subscribers you have as long as I like your stuff (I don't enjoy let's plays very much though) but if you're able to act crazy or think you have decent comedic timing, hit me up! I'll write the script for us and I'll send it to you while also giving the option to do some improv or adlib to make it funnier and actually have fun doing it. I plan on releasing this video sometime in February because I take at least 1 month to make each of my videos. I'll require you to film your parts wherever you are (since these are going to be long distance collabs) and then send them to me via Google Drive, Dropbox or uploading them as Unlisted on YouTube and sending me the link so I can download it. My email is if you guys need to know for any reasons! Comment here, email me or tweet me (my Twitter handle is @AceBlackberry) and let me know if you're interested in collabing! :)
Lmao just saw your latest video, hilarious. I'm definitely interested! I haven't made a sketch in the last year, but I used to mainly do sketches and white screen videos (both of those making a comeback this year btw!) Check out my more popular videos, like 7 Ways To Get People To Stop Talking To You, to see what kind of stuff I did. Hit me up on Twitter @TalookaBadooka or on here :D
Hey I am interested in a collab!! Im crazy weird(i think) I really dont know but my friends say i am!! (so okay) collab?
You mentioned Filthy Frank and I was immediately interested.

I post a variety of things haha so for your evaluation, check out "Voltage Apps in Real life", "Holiday Baking with Ryuk", or my most recent; "Dating Tips with Daryl Dixon"!
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