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  1. H

    Comedy Hi everyone I am looking for a actor In south yorkshire mid 20's for a short comedy sketch.

    Have you seen anwar jbawi's short sketches, I have been watching him for quiet a while now and I know I can pull off some good idea that can make us go viral. I have been trying to find actors for the past couple of week who have a natural funny vibe to them and can pull funny faces in diffrent...
  2. Courtney Candice

    The best memes from 2017

  3. Courtney Candice

    If Siri was twenty one pilots

  4. Courtney Candice

    Squiggly brows

  5. Courtney Candice

    Squiggly eyebrows

    Squiggly eyebrows have been trending all over instagram and Twitter so I decided to try it.... well sort of:roflmao2:
  6. Deevid

    Sketch Comedy COLAB

    hello skype = tnt_kid_ let me know if you want to colab
  7. Courtney Candice

    Pokémon go put me in an awkward situation

  8. Courtney Candice

    Welcome back mcr

    Today welcome back mcr was trending on Twitter, so I decided to make a comedy skit beware of cringe lol
  9. Courtney Candice

    Bad hair day

  10. Courtney Candice

    Asmr in real life

  11. Commander Skull

    Valentine's day sketch

    Hello there. I decided to make a funny sketch about Valentines day. This is actually my second sketch that I have ever made so any feedback on it will be greatly appreciated!
  12. ohzana


    Please let me know what you guys think! <3
  13. TheMileHighFiveClub

    Age of Empires priests can sell you anything

  14. Mandi at Random

    Things That Lazy People Do

    subscribe if ya like the video!
  15. samproof

    Comedy Looking to Feature Sketch Comedy Videos

    Hey Gang, I'm looking to bring back my series 'Video Fight Club' that pits sketch comedy videos head to head against each other. In the past VFC has been featured on podpocalypse, craveonline and presented to a live studio audience at Hollywood's IO West theater. I'll be trying to line up a new...
  16. Nick Cerone


    Hey if you're in North Carolina I would love to collab with you! Anything from comedy sketches, pranks and much more! Please let me know if you're interested!! Email:
  17. SkitMantv

    SkitManTV - A Channel of Fun and Entertainment

    Hey Guys! I invite you to come check out my channel SkitManTV. Every Sunday I upload a new vlog pretty much telling hilarious stories of my life adding in animations (for example Swoozie) while also providing Sketch Comedy (example Smosh, Nigahiga). On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I upload a...
  18. Nick Cerone


    I have set up a new channel! I'm a filmmaker and I am new to youtube and would love people to collab with! My channel is going to consist of pretty much everything and I am very open to new ideas. If you're interested please email me: I can't wait to hear from you!!
  19. Johnny_Seagull


    This week I tackle an important grammar issue.
  20. kegstandkyle

    Comedy Looking for people over 18 years old for a sketch colab

    Here is what I am doing: -Made a sketch comedy series that features swearing, drugs, and funny awkward situations. I have one episode (pilot made) that's called Randy's World What I need is some more people to "interview style record themselves" and read a basic script 1 to 2 lines, maybe a...
  21. S

    Fast Food Frustration (sketch)

    JUST a hamburger?
  22. Johnny_Seagull

    Feedback for a Sketch Comedy channel

    Waddup? I'm new to this neck of the woods, so I figured I should see what everybody thinks of my channel as a whole; videos, design, layout etc. I've been uploading for just under 3 years now but I've only recently cracked 100 subs. Its been a slow growth. Any thoughts on what I'm doing/could...
  23. Boredom Killers

    Mad Octopus: A diary of insanity *subtitled brainwashing

    I was bored, so I decided to create some real art. We went too far.
  24. Boredom Killers

    Plastic bag man, serenading clerks, driving blindfolded. SLAYER!

    Please comment what you felt watching this episode, did it entertain you? thanks for watching! \m/
  25. Boredom Killers

    "Exorcism. Cheese b*k*kae. Vacuum cleaner hairdrying."

    My new video of boredom killers! The quality has improved considerably from the last series in both the comedy and the editing - but I would love to hear some constructive feedback here on what you found funny and how y would rate the episode! Thank you very much!
  26. Boredom Killers

    "Eggs At Sunset" - A day in the life of...

    Toilet roll monsters and races, Meeting Rhod Gilbert, Starting campaigns and washing gnomes - another day killing boredom! Feedback hugely welcomed \m/
  27. Yuzoogle

    Comedy Wanna be in my next skit?

    Hey everyone! I do sketch comedy on YouTube that's reminiscent to that of Smosh and Filthy Frank. My format may also remind you guys of Daniel Tosh from Tosh.0 because I stand in front of a white screen, say something semi-relatable and then show a skit based on whatever I said. Except there's...
  28. Conight


    I have edited all of my videos myself and not had any training to do so, I also have not been editing very long (It shows XD) as the policies state I cannot put a link on this post due to 'advertisement' a link is however on my profile within this website. Please have a look I would really...
  29. Bert McCert

    I'm looking for feedback on my new format.

    I've been racking my brain for doing something different and I think I've found where I want to be in terms of style and format. My background is sketch comedy and I love making gaming videos...So why not combine the two? This is my attempt at a new format direction in hopes that it will...