comedy sketch

  1. Courtney Candice

    Welcome back my chemical romance

  2. Courtney Candice

    Why I hate wearing glasses

    Hear are few reasons why I hate wearing glasses, I still got to wear them though to see lol
  3. Courtney Candice

    My house is haunted

    I caught a ghost on camera.......
  4. Courtney Candice

    Becoming a meme part two

    In this video I reenact my favorite memes and the most popular memes.
  5. Courtney Candice

    If Siri was emo

    Have you ever wondered what Siri would sound like emo? Now if you watch this video you can find out.
  6. Courtney Candice

    Getting roasted part 2

    I let my views roast a picture of my character louise Bubba in this comedy sketch and well Louis has some strange replies.
  7. Courtney Candice

    If Siri was twenty one pilots

    Do you like twenty one pilots? Have you ever wondered what Siri would sound like if she was twenty one pilots, well in this comedy sketch I show you exactly what Siri would sound like if she was twenty one pilots.
  8. Courtney Candice

    I ate soap

    I ate soap... welll kind of. In this video I made a commercial parody.
  9. Courtney Candice

    If Siri was twenty one pilots

  10. Courtney Candice

    Common mistakes in horror movies

  11. Original Intellectual

    Comedy Possible Collabaration?

    Hey everyone, is there anyone in the southeast PA area who would want to do a comedy sketch or two with my channel?
  12. Courtney Candice

    Becoming a meme part 2

  13. Courtney Candice

    If Siri was emo

  14. Courtney Candice

    Types of people on Halloween

  15. Courtney Candice

    Asmr in real life

  16. DudeitsNeely

    Comedy Looking For collab for a comedy skit im shooting.

    Im shooting a skit. I am working on the script right now. The person I collab with will be shooting there scene on there side. We both will be on the phone for the skit. So looking for someone that has a decent camera and microphone set up, so I can match my side with it easier.
  17. Courtney Candice

    Asmr in real life

  18. Malasia

    My strange addiction... ADDICTED TO YOUTUBE

    lemmie know if you enjoyed (:
  19. Becca Clansey


    The munchers, the emotional rollercoasters, the SPOILERS! I'm sure we can all relate a little bit ;) road to 300 subscribers is making me so excited I thought i'd upload an EXTRA video this week :D Hope you enjoy!
  20. Oscar J Stones

    So you wanna be an internet chef?

    My newest video, another "comedic" take on the "How to YouTube" format. If you like it, or don't why not give me some feedback. You know, if you feel like it!
  21. D

    Review on my last video?

    Hey guys! I uploaded a video about how my Valentine's Day was.... So I would love it if you would watch my video and maybe give it a like and maybe a comment if you liked it as I say I LOVE constructive feedback! Thank you so much guys and happy late Valentine's!
  22. TWIG gainzzz

    I HAVE DEVELOPED more hatters than subs

    ok well recently i had just posted a video of us just doing a parody of a popular YouTuber well 3000 subs and my channel has just broken into an utter world war site with hate comments and supporters hating back it is good publicity but like holy s**t i didnt know id get this much its mental...
  23. Yuzoogle

    Comedy Wanna be in my next skit?

    Hey everyone! I do sketch comedy on YouTube that's reminiscent to that of Smosh and Filthy Frank. My format may also remind you guys of Daniel Tosh from Tosh.0 because I stand in front of a white screen, say something semi-relatable and then show a skit based on whatever I said. Except there's...
  24. LJay

    Other Machinimist needs Stand-Ins and/or Voice Actors

    (This post DOES NOT just extend to Gamers.) Some quick background on me: I'm deeply into Machinima's, Skits and other Comedic Bits. I currently own one channel I do not share on here publicly as it is just what I call a "practice channel" which doesn't represent all that I want to do on YouTube...
  25. GooberVlogs

    Talking Evil Toilet Sketch

    Wazzzup yttalker =) I just uploaded my second sketch and I was wondering what you guys think of it.... Be honest I can take it ;)