I HAVE DEVELOPED more hatters than subs

TWIG gainzzz

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ok well recently i had just posted a video of us just doing a parody of a popular YouTuber well 3000 subs
and my channel has just broken into an utter world war site with hate comments and supporters hating back
it is good publicity but like holy s**t i didnt know id get this much its mental.

have i gone to far?
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I don't know, mate... You did say that it was just a prank, followed by a winky face. Which definitely didn't make people think you're being sarcastic.

Edit: Aw, you even thanked them for hating you. I can't for the life of me understand why people are hating on you.

Double Edit: And called them 12 year old, stupid as PewDiePie fans... Honestly, you seem like a nice guy.
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I think that is perfectly ok to parody YouTubers in general. Maybe choosing a particular YouTuber to parody wasnt the best idea, but I do see where you are coming from.
hahahahahahaah XD did u find it funny ? AND HEY i didnt printed to kill someone

Personally, no. I'm generally not a fan of that sort of content, just because I don't see the comedy in hating on someone. Other people might, and that's good on them, but it's my personal preference.
If it's something you want to move on from, just keep posting videos and eventually they'll get bored and move on. I can't see these people bothering to hang around for long.
If it's a type of video that you want to keep making and you want this reaction for all your videos, stop caring if you've gone too far is all I can really think to say. It's the sort of thing that people are going to have strong opinions on so it's part of the job I suppose.