1 million subscribers, because views dont let you go to youtube events, its having a certain amount of subscribers that gives you that!
Came here to say similar. My 9 million views doesn't get me s**t in the face of sponsors who want 10K subscribers minimum. :crying: Meanwhile it is indeed having 7K subs that lets me go to the workshops at the space. ;)

Kind of messed up because I've met so many people at the workshops with 100K+ subscribers and videos that peak at less than 100 views. I wish companies focused on views more. Oh well.
Views, my channel is not about a fan based thing. It's to help people out when they need something or just want to see something..
Well if it was just subscribers vs views then it depends what kind of subscribers. I'd rather have 1 million views than 1 million subs who just came from sub4sub or something similar.. but I'd much rather have 1 million actual fans who really enjoyed my content and kept coming back for more than 1 million views. (Besides if I had 1 million+ active subscribers I'd probably be getting like a million views every week anyway)

Already got close to that in views too so subscribers would definitely be my pick.
Fans all the way!at least they can contribute to my channel rather than just views doing nothing for it.[DOUBLEPOST=1482514524,1482514410][/DOUBLEPOST]
What happens if you get 1 mil subs but get no views? xd
Ahaha question should be why would you have 1 mil subs in first place without views^contradiction there because are`t fans suppose to be people who are interested in your work:giggle: