Honestly, if you had 1 million supporters, it would lead to 1 million+ views so I would go with 1 million subscribers.
1 million subscribers, because views dont let you go to youtube events, its having a certain amount of subscribers that gives you that!
views. That is the entire name of the game. If I had 1 sub and 1 million views than YouTube cares about my content way more than it does a guy that has just the opposite numbers.
Well subscribers and fans are two very different things. 1 mil subs is just a number, and that doesn't relate to the amount of people who would call themselves your fans. Most people who have 1 mil subs have about 100,000 'fans' who support their content on a regular basis. But yeah 1 mil fans over views anyday
the gold play button would be nice, but id rather have a million views. its a faster way to the next million views
If the 1mil subs are actually active/interested, then I would choose the subs. I'd rather have 1 million people who actually like my content and are interested than 1 million views!