Using Steam as a social media platform


I Love YTtalk
I had this idea dawn on me way too late. It only just occurred to me that Steam, at least for YouTube gamers, is probably one of the best social media platforms to promote your stuff on. I find myself using it every single day. I'm online on Steam every single day and it has social media abilities built right in to it (timeline, screenshots, videos, achievements, groups, announcements, etc). You can raise your Steam level to unlock friend slots, so you could just have all your followers friend you on Steam, alongside following you on Twitter and liking your Facebook page and post updates there just like you would on other platforms.

So starting two weeks or so ago I started changing my Steam profile around for this purpose. Little promotional talk in the summary, links to the Steam group and Twitter. And I've added all my recent YouTube videos to my Steam profile as well, which also makes them show up on that game's hub. It's a win-win-win and has the potential to make interaction with your fan base much more personal.