Music (Singers/Rappers/Composers) HAMILTON MUSICAL [HUGE! COVER PROJECT]


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Jul 31, 2016
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Basically I need someone to compose the instrumentals, not exactly the same but similar...

So this is a project that I came up with and my best friend is supporting me. So I'm a big fan of Broadway musicals, so I recently got into Hamilton two months ago because of my US History teacher. So then I got into the soundtrack and I really want to cover it. Now girls can take part for male parts, cause let's be honest here, we're not gonna discriminate genders, and plus my friend and I are girls.

Pretty much she's Jefferson (and possibly Lafayette) , but I really want to diss her (not in a mean way), so I guess I'm Hamilton now...

So basically here is a list of songs we definitely are doing (and probably in this order, or not). I also forgot to mention if you do not get a part that you auditioned for (meaning you don't get any of the main parts you'll be part of the company ensemble)

-Cabinet Battle #1
-History Has Its Eyes On You
-Alexander Hamilton
-Aaron Burr, Sir
-The Story of Tonight
-Cabinet Battle #2
-Ten Duel Commandments
-Guns and Ships
-Wha'd I Miss
-The Adams Administration
-The Reynolds Pamphlet
-The Election of 1800
-Your Obediant Servant
-Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story

Open Roles for Singers/Rappers:

George Washington (Rap/Vocals)

Aaron Burr (Rap/Vocals)

Hercules Mulligan (Rap)

James Madison (Rap)

You can be female and audition. My two friends ad I are, Lafyette, Hamilton, and Jefferson and we're girls. So any gender, race, etc can join, no discrimination here.

For Composers/Musicians (I REALLY NEED YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!)

I just want you to send me some of your works, however you need to realize how some of these songs sound. If you're up for it, please help me out. Also, please be capable of making similar instrumentals (pretty please)