musical cover

  1. EmmaHudsonSinger

    Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (Judy Garland Cover)- Emma Hudson

  2. MagesticDragon

    Music Heathers : The Musical

    What This Is So, I decided to produce a few covers of Heathers : The Musical. Recently, a friend of mine suggested this musical to me, since I love musicals (Thanks Toni). Anyways, yes it'll be for a couple of videos, some parts are smaller compared to others. All I need to know which role you...
  3. ProjectMelodia

    Music (Singers/Rappers/Composers) HAMILTON MUSICAL [HUGE! COVER PROJECT]

    Basically I need someone to compose the instrumentals, not exactly the same but similar... So this is a project that I came up with and my best friend is supporting me. So I'm a big fan of Broadway musicals, so I recently got into Hamilton two months ago because of my US History teacher. So...