1. V

    Music Composições Autorais
  2. Courtney Candice

    Trolling musicallly

  3. MagesticDragon

    Music Heathers : The Musical

    What This Is So, I decided to produce a few covers of Heathers : The Musical. Recently, a friend of mine suggested this musical to me, since I love musicals (Thanks Toni). Anyways, yes it'll be for a couple of videos, some parts are smaller compared to others. All I need to know which role you...
  4. ProjectMelodia

    Music (Singers/Rappers/Composers) HAMILTON MUSICAL [HUGE! COVER PROJECT]

    Basically I need someone to compose the instrumentals, not exactly the same but similar... So this is a project that I came up with and my best friend is supporting me. So I'm a big fan of Broadway musicals, so I recently got into Hamilton two months ago because of my US History teacher. So...
  5. SeanFace101

    My Friend Tony Bain Playing The Harmonica

    Video of Tony Bain playing the harmonica. This is my friend Tony Bain in my house playing the harmonica when we were drinking. Funny, although lacking some talent. :P
  6. Duck1986

    LEGO Muppets Treasure Island - "Shiver My Timbers" Song

    Hi all, I present my latest work! Hi all, The opening scene of "Muppets Treasure Island", is one of my favorite musical intros to any film ever! So I recreated it in LEGO. I loved the idea of the animals telling the story of the treasure being buried! I used a programme called "Crazytalk" to...
  7. 4

    Fun, but Risky Film Idea

    Hi, I am Jacob, Founder of the YouTube Channel 4 Dudes And A Camera Films. I had a idea, but would take so much work to do, so I am doing this thread for entertainment. So, the film idea is to make a musical, but with Artist's album as the song. Example: I would fit a story to have Fall Out...
  8. Cromartie

    Music 3K Channel needs female vocalist for "Jan" for cover of Grease's "Mooning"

    This will be an animated music video and a sequel to my project “Turnabout Booty.” It catches up with Blu in prison where she sings a cover of Mooning to a fellow inmate. Need someone to record the vocals for Jan to my Roger. Amount of subscribers doesn't matter to me, I'm just interested in...