Does Framing your Gameplay offer more benefits then penalties?

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Its an uncommon practice as many people just upload a video without any template on it - unless its from a Live Stream or for a game that was at a 4:3 ratio.

That said the Gamegrumps use a Frame in every gameplay video they do - including Steam Train and Grumpcade - which adds to their branding (aka if you see any video by them, you know IMMEDIATELY, who its by even if muted - despite their lack of facecam). It also would reduce people stealing your footage as they'd need to crop your video to avoid detection - which is a lot of effort.

So in the end, I wanted to ask, does framing your video offer benefits?

Fo my own brand I've done it, and some people have commented that they dislike it. Others however agree to the benefits it provides - provided it doesn't intrude too much onto the footage of the video itself. I suspect many people who dislike it are simply doing so out of habit - it different and therefore not correct. However, to break from the mold of the competition, shouldn't embracing the different be better to stand out from the crowd?

I thought I'd open a chat and discuss it. I respect some won't do it, as they will see it as unnecessary effort for minimal result, but lets get all opinions in on it. What do you think?
In my opinion it doesn't really affect the viewing experience, and if you have a well designed frame it can add to the distinctive look of your channel
I think it's fine as long as it doesn't obscure the actual gameplay or footage. It also deters people who want to steal your footage because they will have to crop out the frame. It does help with branding as people will be familiar with it after watching multiple videos. But it I can see it getting old after awhile unless you are willing to go in and change it every time. Not my cup of tea but if you like the look, go for it,
Personally I'd much rather have the game take up the whole screen (when I'm watching another person's video) and have a nice frame on their webcam