1. Eveyxo

    Request Need a Animated Intro for My Vids <3

    Hey! I'm looking for an animated intro for my videos, and I've already got the basic idea of what I want, I just suck at animating and stuff like that, haha! I need someone to create the intro for me. I will give credit to you if you agree to make it. Thanks! <3
  2. LeoGamer

    Animation Need Minecraft Animator

    Minecraft - My name is LeoGamer, I have just over 100 Subscribers and I mainly upload Minecraft content. I am thinking about making a Minecraft Parody however I do not have an animator. If anyone is a fairly experienced animator who is willing to help me out, I would very much appreciate it...
  3. MAGnify

    Request [FREE] CS:GO Animations

    Hey everyone, i'm looking for someone to help me set up some pretty awesome thumbnails for my videos. I use Photoshop well, and that's not the issue. But i'd love for someone to stay dedicated in helping me set up some CS:GO character animations to put on my thumbnails. For awhile, this will be...
  4. Mr. Fox

    Animation Any animations collaboration?

    Hiya, I am a voice actor and looking to collab with someone along the lines of animation, gfx, cartooning, etc. If someone could help me do one animation, or like a channel intro that would be awesome, and I will credit you in the description!
  5. Zenvious

    Should you Frame your Videos?

    Its an uncommon practice as many people just upload a video without any template on it - unless its from a Live Stream or for a game that was at a 4:3 ratio. That said the Gamegrumps use a Frame in every gameplay video they do - including Steam Train and Grumpcade - which adds to their branding...
  6. AMaazing

    500 subs in 49 days!

    Wow! Around 10 days ago, I said that I would post again after I achieved that 500 subs milestone. Never did I think I would be back this quickly! I'm so, so grateful to everybody here and in the animation communities for helping me get to this stage. Let's see if I can rise in the future...
  7. AMaazing

    300 subs... after 40 days?

    I can't actually believe I've reached this far. Almost a month ago, I started AMaazing Animations with full intention of growing it into something that can introduce me to new people. However, I never expected it to go this far, this quickly. Thank you. Thank you to everybody in YTTalk who've...
  8. AMaazing

    Got 100 subs! Now a mad rush to 200

    Hey everybody! When I started my channel two weeks ago, I didn't expect to get 50 in a month. However, surprisingly, I managed to get 100 in 10 days! My friend wagered me that I can't continue this trend to get 200 by the end of this year, which I'd like to prove wrong, but honestly I'm happy to...
  9. Ryan McMackin

    Playtime with Ayden - "Gumball Surprise" - Episode #4

    Ayden loved watching gumball videos so much so I decided to design and create his very own gumball machine. Ayden had so much fun doing all the voice overs for his colors. Honestly I wish I filmed him the first time he say his very own gumball surprise video. It truly was priceless. Please help...
  10. Brilliant Beats

    Services Intros & Outros & GFX & Music Services

    I will sell (very very cheap) : Intros Outros GFX Banners Trade: My music on my channel and in return you put my channel link at the top of the description. s/o for s/o Prices: GFX Banner in P.S ($2) Intro in Sony ($1-3) Outro in P.S/Sony ($1) -Brilliant Beats
  11. K

    Request I need an intro!

    Background: Hello! My name is Kentroller and I am a new YouTuber starting out! My channel will mostly consist of rant videos, parodys, impressions, and maybe even some let's plays. Payment: This work will not be payed for! It must be done for free! I will give proper credit/shoutouts if you...
  12. KimmyCloud

    Animation Animated Kid's show?

    I'm working on a new animated kid's show. I finally finished my animated intro to the show. I'm wondering if anyone has a kid's show and would like to collaborate. I currently make 2d animations. I'd love to collaborate with anyone with a kid's animation, toy review channel or any other kid...
  13. C

    Animation New Kids Animation Channel, looking for collaborators!

    Hey all, I'm still in the process of launching my new 2d animation series. The target market will be kids and young teens. My series style will be kind of a blend of my favorite cartoons like sailor moon/adventure time/my little pony. I'm wondering if anyone has a similar channel or something...
  14. Jenni Nexus

    Voice Acting Deep Female VA available for collaborations :-)

    Hi friends. I've been building my skills & wearing many hats, especially in the last few years. While I'm a beginner in many areas, I've had a handful of opportunities to voice act in animations & indie games last year, and I'm open to contributing to various projects sometimes, and getting...