1. Zenvious

    Should you Frame your Videos?

    Its an uncommon practice as many people just upload a video without any template on it - unless its from a Live Stream or for a game that was at a 4:3 ratio. That said the Gamegrumps use a Frame in every gameplay video they do - including Steam Train and Grumpcade - which adds to their branding...
  2. MrDXZ

    In need of artistic ideas...

    Hey guys, my name is Zach, AKA MrDXZ, and I'm a Chatroulette/Omegle YouTuber who is trying to come back after a one year hiatus. Well, I realized my channel needs some work done to it before I put up any videos. For starters, I need a Chatroulette video overlay/frame for my videos. I have an...
  3. zaffron

    How to make paper photo frame

    The video explains how to make paper photo frame. If you want to decorate your home room or your classroom board, just watch this video and learn how to do that in only 10 easy steps. You need only a squared paper and a paper stapler tool. enjoy watching and dont forget to do it.