Should I post more than once a week?

I agree with those who say quality over quantity but that you should try to get one video out a week as that's the minimum that YT recommends. I admit I'd like to know whether the positive effect of a schedule is due to viewer's behaviour and increased visibility and whatnot or the algorithm actually "rewarding" you by ranking you higher. :O_o2: Ah well, I guess we'll never know. :rolleyes:
Personally, I think you should upload once or twice a week while you're getting started.
I have a new channel too, starting at twice a week, Tuesdays and Fridays :)
I think one of the main things to remember is that if you post once a week (or five times a week, it applies too) to make sure you stay on your schedule. A lot of viewers get annoyed if you say, "New videos every Tuesday!" and you don't have a video up until Thursday. At the very beginning, it's probably not so important, but people like consistency.
Agreed. I would take it easy and do maybe two videos a week, and then when it gets more, then you may do a bigger schedule. This is so that you can get into a schedule, being more likely to keep your word.
I would not go past once a week, at least not initially.

Allow yourself enough time to do the best you can do with the means that you have. You never what to say: I could have done better.
You have to check how many videos you can make per week with the RIGHT QUALITY. If you can make 3 quality videos per week, why wouldn't you do that.
You will find the maximum of quality videos you can upload per week by trying. Once a week for a beginner is in my opinion not enough..
Beginners should have quality-base so viewers can binge on your content. Just my opinion!
+ You gotta think this way, the more videos you make, the more you'll learn from mistakes. After 80 videos, i now know what kind of videos i need to make to get subs.
You can only find that out with making content.
At the beginning you can experiment anyways..

Good luck