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I am currently looking for new YouTubers who might be interested in getting together and playing some really fun games while also recording them for YouTube. I have some friends who I rarely ever record with, as they never seem to get online anymore, so I am in search for some more interesting friends to play/record with. There are some minor requirements that I'd prefer are met, but if they cannot all be met, that is perfectly fine!


Have a decent working mic (This doesn't mean you have to have a Blue Yeti, just make sure you have a good quality one.)

Have Skype, Discord, or Teamspeak (All are free programs.)

Have a decent PC (Your PC must be able to play games like Minecraft, Garry's Mod, and Golf with Friends, etc.)

Have decent internet

Have at least 2 or 3 of the following games:
Garry's Mod
Grand Theft Auto V
Left 4 Dead 2
Golf With Your Friends

Have an open schedule

Be online regularly (once every 2 months doesn't count as regularly)

Have at least 100 subscribers


If any one is interested or has any questions, you can hit me up on Skype @ ikryptic_hd.

Thanks! :)
i would be interested! I should match all the requirements, aside from the schedule maybe, but scheduling is usually a pain, so i guess that could be managed.
Any specific game you would want to play for the collab?

id definitely be interested. I dont have GTA for pc, i only have it for xb1, I have a good mic, a capture card, a good pc, 161 subs, i have Minecraft, and Gmod, I have skype @Tony Forame. Im 13, hilarious and i would love to collab. Skype or commenting on one of my vids would probably be the most easy.
Yo, My discord is Mr. Pants #4127, I have all games except Deceit and Brawlhalla, I am 16, don't have a PC atm because I sold my old one but I should have a new one within a few weeks