youtuber collaboration

  1. Elissa Jordan

    Short Film New Short-Film Channel...and I need YOU!

    Hey there! My name is Elissa Jordan and I am launching my short-film channel Skitropolis with my first ever short film...and I need YOUR help! I am creating a collab with 20 YouTubers and YOU can be one of them! This collab is all about creation and why we create. Why do we post videos on the...
  2. XxxTh3K1n9xxX

    Gaming Funny Moments Collab :)

    Sup guys? I'm looking for other YouTubers that play on Xbox. I play games such as, GTA V, ARK, Skate 3, Dark souls 3, COD BO 1-3, I also play games on pc such as, GMod, Payday 2, CSGO, Unturned and much more. Thank you guys for your time, you can message me on here, Add me on xbox or steam at...
  3. B

    Gaming SEEKING NEW YOUTUBERS! (Collaboration)

    Hello, I am currently looking for new YouTubers who might be interested in getting together and playing some really fun games while also recording them for YouTube. I have some friends who I rarely ever record with, as they never seem to get online anymore, so I am in search for some more...