youtube colab

  1. N

    Gaming Gaming and youtube collabs

    Steam games and Youtube: looking for gamers to join my discord server to play games and record such as: DBD Raft Minecraft We need to go Deeper GMOD needs: Age:18+ must be must have any of these games (preferably Raft and We need to go deeper) UK or USA based or knows English well My discord is...
  2. T

    Gaming looking for small youtube group (Pc)

    Hello I want to start up my youtube channel again, i want to start or join a group of people to create funny and awesome content. I have a youtube channel with 1.2k Subs and 13k views (i did private most of my content for a fresh start) Youtube- Tylerharding69 I play Fortnite, cod ww2, gta v...
  3. T


    Recently I've been really unmotivated to upload and would love to collab with someone to get me back into recording, My timezone is GMT. I'm looking to make funny moments videos like Fitz's so you must be able to take jokes _Games I play_ -CsGo -Fortnite -Call of duty WW2 -Rocket League...
  4. T

    Gaming Looking for gaming friends (PC)

    Hello, my name is Tyler and I'm looking for some pc gaming friends to make some funny content with. Games I play... Fortnite, Rocket League, Call of duty WW2, GTA V, CS GO, Black ops 2, Paladins, Minecraft. Please contact me if you're interested on discord or on here Discord-...
  5. FindableOwl

    Gaming Small YouTube Group To Grow With

    I've been trying to make a small YouTube group of under 10 people, but not everyone is online, most people don't respond back. I'm just looking for a few people that want to do YouTube and grow as a group with friends, I personal don't care about views and fame, I just want to make videos and...
  6. FindableOwl

    Gaming Looking for a small PC YouTube group

    I'm looking for people to start a small YouTube group, Most people that are always down to record videos are always mic spammers or just rude people, I'm looking for small YouTubers that want to take YouTube seriously and at the same time have a good time recording and grow together. I record...
  7. MuckyYT

    Gaming Looking for new smaller YouTubers to collab with

    Hello! I'm Mucky, I have a couple of friends and we're looking for people to collab with, we don't have a set group of friends so we just record with anyone who is up to record on that day but we are looking for people so we can actually start up a small group and grow together, we don't really...
  8. leecie speaks

    Review request

    hey, so ive been doing YouTube consistantly for a couple of months now and i just wanted to know if you have any tips on how i can make my channel grow and get out there, i love editing and i know how to do keywords its just not kicking off how i want it to.... i would love to do some collabs...
  9. Nate MeatySauce

    Gaming Looking for some fun gaming youtubers to collab with

    Hey guys so lately iv'e been wanting to meet knew people and collab on some videos. So i'm posting this to see if i can get a fun crew going on. The only things i ask as requirements is.. -Be Mature -Be funny -have a youtube channel -play on PC -And make sure your channel link works so i can...
  10. LaZzy Ghost

    Gaming looking for people to collaborate on PS4

    I am lookin. for friends to collabe with. i mostly do fps (first person shooter) games. i am new to youtube. i think i make pretty good content. Make sure to checkout my channel to see my videos.
  11. Acidic

    Gaming serious youtube colab

    This is for Pc Gaming Only ! ! ! I need Guys or girls that are dead serious youtubers that are dedicated and willing to be there for the videos and that will be funny and try and talk for the entire video i need 3 more people maybe 4 requirements: You have to show ups as much as possible...
  12. B

    Gaming SEEKING NEW YOUTUBERS! (Collaboration)

    Hello, I am currently looking for new YouTubers who might be interested in getting together and playing some really fun games while also recording them for YouTube. I have some friends who I rarely ever record with, as they never seem to get online anymore, so I am in search for some more...
  13. McDoogle

    Gaming Calling All Horror Fans!!

    Hi everyone! I have a channel called Halfway Horror, & i'm looking for people to help out me out with some stuff. Right now I only have just gameplay of random horror games up and i want to do more like top 10's, news and other stuff. If your'e interested and want to know more email at...
  14. Everyonelovescali

    Other Collaboration Come One Come All

    Hi Im cali and i am doing my first collaboration but i dont know who to do it with so i am coming on yttalk to find out if anyone wants to collab with me. My channe Is about alot of random things i do so many things for my channel. So i am open to any ideas that you may have. But no gaming You...
  15. SemiGodGaming

    Gaming Gaming Collaboration

    Hey guys I am a black ops 3 live gameplay, tutorial, tips & tricks youtuber and I would love to collaborate with some other youtubers the only thing is that you have a PS4 because that is the only console I use :) also if you want to colab message me on twitter: @SemiGodGaming love to see if I...