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Hello! I'm Mucky, I have a couple of friends and we're looking for people to collab with, we don't have a set group of friends so we just record with anyone who is up to record on that day but we are looking for people so we can actually start up a small group and grow together, we don't really care much about subscribers but anyone with under 100 subs is the set limit.
There are somethings you will need, such as equipment wise and game wise. DISCORD IS REQUIRED

As for equipment you'll need:

1) Computer that can run games such as: Garry's Mod, Grand Theft Auto 5, Counter Strike Global Offensive and PUBG (Note: I know a lot of people can't run GTA 5, Don't worry that's a big game don't worry to much about that one)
2) A good working microphone where you can't here white noise (or your family) in the background
3) Headphones, any kind is fine as long as you have some sort of device where we can't here ourselves threw your monitor
(Not a lot for equipment because we understand that a lot of us are under 100 subs)

Games you will mostly need:
1) Garry's Mod
2) Call Of Duty: World at War
3) Dead by Daylight
4) Gang Beasts
5) Golf With Friends / Gold it
6) Grand Theft Auto
7) Human: Fall Flat
8) Left 4 Dead (2)
9) Stick Fight: The Game
10) Hand Simulator
11) Rainbow 6: Siege
Other games that you may need: PayDay 2, Player Unknowns Battle Grounds, Just Cause 3, Dying Light, Darwin Project, Battle Block Theater, H1Z1 (Battle Royal)

Other requirements:
Most of us are from Canada and USA, so we are also looking for people that are in that time zone a couple hours behind or ahead, but we have a couple people that are from Australia, since we record we are ok with people from across the world from us, if you're a YouTuber that post everyday we barley are available on weekdays sorry about that, but this is something to keep in mind

If you're interested in recoroding with some of us or looking for a small group of people to collab with we are looking for people, you can add me on discord: Mucky#2580 or I can add you, I check this everyday.

We only record on PC!
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hey Mucky, i would be down to collab.
im in the UK but am around pretty much every evening and weekend.

attached is a list of my games,
i have discord also.



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Hey pal i cant send u a fr :) Im aussie btw

add me at

ive got a good mic and i personally think i make good content <3 im, 18
I've got 380 subs. Not extremely active as I switched from Minecraft to other games. Your vision sounds fun and I'd love to be in it to get some new subs as well as friends. Here's my Discord if the sub rule is 'loose': okno13#7650
Hey there. Discord is Carnage3609#1101

I think I have some pretty clever ideas that are best preformed with out people and would work great for like weekly series. Please hmu, i cant add you as friend, so you gotta add me. I have/can get all the games and equipment you ask for.

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Hello there. I am interested in a collab. My discord is DaffyDethklok#1493.
I have only 23 subs.
I use a Blue Snowball Ice mic.
I have an Alienware Gaming Laptop.
I have most of the games listed.
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Hey there my man, I dont have videos on my channel anymore because I decided to reset my content for my channel and I'm getting ready to start hitting the scene hard. I would love to join you on your adventures:

I am 23, have a good mic and headset and 2 very strong PCs

Discord: MrAngelnight#0147
Hello there. I am interested in a collab. My discord is Killam#4991.

I am 28 years old.

I just started my YouTube channel. I have a great PC, Mic, Headset, Monitor & etc.

Getting my 2nd monitor this week. And I will have a video cam on order next week.

I have 11 subscribers on my channel. Looking to grow.