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Steam games and Youtube:

looking for gamers to join my discord server to play games and record such as:
We need to go Deeper
must be must have any of these games (preferably Raft and We need to go deeper)
UK or USA based or knows English well
My discord is IshMeister#4544 if you have any questions
comment down below what you can offer and if you fill out these requirements
I'd be down for this! discord rzt832#3999

You can check out my channel if you want to see what I can offer!
Hey man, I am 24 from UK, I have majority of those games so I am down to collab, add me on discord, easier to chat on there Pinnaclegaming#6389
If any of you are interested, I own a minecraft server and we are looking for YouTubers to help promote it and get our name out there. If you meet a few requirements (200+ subs and 2 videos weekly), we have a YouTuber rank which gives you several perks that will help make recording fun videos easier on our server and allows you to promote your channel on our discord server. If you're interested, add me on discord (@kwilk#7864), join our server discord ( ) and check out the server (IP:

Let me know if you want to collaborate.