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I'm looking for people to start a small YouTube group, Most people that are always down to record videos are always mic spammers or just rude people, I'm looking for small YouTubers that want to take YouTube seriously and at the same time have a good time recording and grow together.

I record only PC games such as:
Garry's Mod
Grand Theft Auto 5
Watch Dogs 2
Golf It
Left 4 Dead 2
Counter Strike Global Offensive
Call Of Duty: World at War
Player Unknowns Battle Grounds

I last posted on YTTalk and got alot of people that couldn't run any games or had a really horrible microphone
so if you're looking to collab then please have a descent microphone

I know this post if very specific and seems rude, but I got a lot of bad collaboration experiences.

If you're looking to do YouTube and grow as a small YouTube group then add me on discord! Findable#6179
I would like to record with u, even tho i have no videos on my channel (for embarrassing reasons) I used to do gaming videos. These are my games: GTA V,Destiny 2,COD BLOPS 4,and Garys mod. Message me if u want to
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Oof Gamer, are you calling me a mic spammer? I prefer the term ear raper. XD[DOUBLEPOST=1548347951,1548347899][/DOUBLEPOST]btw, everyone, his discord tag is now SufferToons#6179