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Tim Vu

I am interested in collaborating with a variety of people who play on the PC or PS4. I am currently at 19 subscribers but I have a lot of high quality things. Channel is FiniteGames if you want to check out some of my videos!

What I'm Looking For:
Being Professional and Mature
Someone who has a passion on video games as well and funny too!

For PS4:
Black Ops 3, GTA V, RocketLeague, many more

For PC:
I have garrys mod(have not played much but need to learn) , rust, the forest, and DayZ

Ways to reach me:
Skype: finitegames

Hope that I get to work with you guys!
Hey Finite, I was looking at a couple of your videos even dropped a like. I think we should link up and make a video or 2 you seem like a cool dude.
Not open for further replies.