Need to reach a bigger audience


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I have been making videos for 4 and a half years now. I used to be off and on with it due to not being able to get decent equipment and that mostly stopped any growth of my channel. I used to be in small sniping and trickshotting clans but I've grown out of that and now I upload non-serious videos of me chilling and playing games with my friends. Still stick to Call of Duty due to my love of Black Ops games. I do play other games as well and I can only see that I am a little vulgar and have slowed down a good bit. Any help would be appreciated.
Yep fix your link so we can go check your channel out:) But anyways I´m sure you know that there is no easy way to grow a channel. There are millions of gaming channel out there so you got to ask yourself what makes your channel special? Again i havnen´t seen your channel so it´s hard to tell what you should do, but there is no easy way that´s for sure:)
They are right the link doesn’t work but I just googled your channel name and it popped up right away. Make Thumbnails that stand out. Make creative names for each video instead of naming your videos Highlight of the Day #__ make a playlist for highlight of the Day and make an acronym So it could be HOD #__ Giving girl h**** (sensor because idk YTTalk guidelines on that word but it’s somryhing that was said in Highlight of the Day #31 so also add more meme lay overs to make the funny commanry that was said stand out more with visuals. If you need help making thumbnails or editing your video I could help I used to have a gaming channel.