need help to grow

  1. AcesXVII

    Need to reach a bigger audience

    I have been making videos for 4 and a half years now. I used to be off and on with it due to not being able to get decent equipment and that mostly stopped any growth of my channel. I used to be in small sniping and trickshotting clans but I've grown out of that and now I upload non-serious...
  2. Abdullahx9000

    What am I doing wrong? Channel not growing as expected

    Hello there! I am Abdullahx9000. So I am doing YouTube as a Hobby and spend quite a lot of time on it. But I don't seem to grow fast. I started doing YouTube over a year ago, and now I have around 500 subscribers and around 80k total views. I am getting around 100 views on every video, but I...
  3. New Thug Life Production

    How To Rank Higher need help.

    My question and if somebody can help is ........ i do thug life videos and i want to rank at the first page on youtube if someone searched for thug life but as you know there is a channel named as thug life videos and they have so many videos and the rank very high and almost in all youtube...
  4. Flophead

    In Need of Feedback/Advice

    I need some help in terms of how to continue progressing on my channel. I've been on youtube for about seven months now, and I post gaming videos (mostly Clash Royale) on my channel Flophead Gaming. However, I'm just starting to feel like people aren't liking my videos. I put lots of work into...
  5. Caree

    How can i grow my channel?

    I have just started a youtube channel and my videos gets allmost no views and my Subscribers dosen't grow either. How can i make People Notice my channel? And how can i improve it, so i will get more subscribers? My channel :