I need some help in terms of how to continue progressing on my channel.

I've been on youtube for about seven months now, and I post gaming videos (mostly Clash Royale) on my channel Flophead Gaming. However, I'm just starting to feel like people aren't liking my videos. I put lots of work into them, and my vids actually get some okay views for my amount of subs. But it seems like almost all of my new viewers aren't subscribing. I get about one sub a week, and sometimes more if I spread my channel by word of mouth. But I know people who get to 100 subs in a few months or have been on youtube for a similar time as me but have like twice my subs. Currently I just have seven months of hard work, and not too much to show for it. I would appreciate some feedback on what I should do differently, or why my sub count (58 at the moment) isn't meeting my expectations.