tips and advice

  1. H

    2 million monthly views, but with low revenue

    Hi I'm in my second month of monatization on youtube. Had explosive growth with 10,000 subscribers and 2M views in one month. Now I'm really pleased and impressed by the results, but my revenue decreases because my cpm & rpm getting lower and lower. I've checked my audience and it's majority is...
  2. ExposureLog

    I need help with what to use for recording and editing!

    Hello! My name is Tyler and I need some ideas of what to use to edit my videos! And to record them of course. Requirements: |Must be free |Must be good for beginners |No watermark.
  3. AcesXVII

    Need to reach a bigger audience

    I have been making videos for 4 and a half years now. I used to be off and on with it due to not being able to get decent equipment and that mostly stopped any growth of my channel. I used to be in small sniping and trickshotting clans but I've grown out of that and now I upload non-serious...
  4. Seiger Seigsta

    Need Help With Tags/Getting Videos Ranking High And Noticed

    Hello everyone i would like to put out that i am decent with youtube experience but this is my trouble ive had for quite some time ive used apps/websites for finding the best tags but it still does not help. I am still unsure about what i am doing wrong. anyone got any advice or tips?
  5. iRob

    What Is Wrong With My Channel?

    Ok so I have been meaning to ask this question for a very long time but I guess I’m just to scared to know the answer I craated this channel back in 2013 and I have given up on it a couple times but I always find myself coming back to it. I noticed that recently I’ve been getting a lot of down...
  6. sequan123

    Overall Tool that help

    What is the overall tool that helps you be succesful on youtube.
  7. S.A.D

    how do you market?

    Ok ok. so I find it EXTREMELY hard to market my youtube channel. after i put the time and effort into the videos i make. Nothing comes of it. More often then not my vids never seem to break the 20 view mark. I tweet on twitter, put links up on fb and go around google+ and despite all this...
  8. Justin In

    What are some of the best #

    I'm new to this youtube community, and getting myself out there in the world besides my close group of friends. What are some good hashtags that you can use on twitter, instagram, facebook, etc
  9. Chronix

    Is the current state of my channel OK?

    Hi, I've been doing YouTube videos now since the end of January this year. It's now coming up to mid-May and was wondering if someone could let me know if my channel is doing OK for approaching the 5 months mark? As of this post, I have 944 views and 20 subscribers. I post videos every...