channel promotion

  1. AcesXVII

    Need to reach a bigger audience

    I have been making videos for 4 and a half years now. I used to be off and on with it due to not being able to get decent equipment and that mostly stopped any growth of my channel. I used to be in small sniping and trickshotting clans but I've grown out of that and now I upload non-serious...
  2. Crazy Pickle

    Hello, I am Crazy Pickle

    Hello everyone, I am Crazy Pickle. I started a Youtube Gaming channel and my first game is Skyforge. But of course, in the future, I am planning to create content for other games. Thank you Sincerely Crazy Pickle
  3. Shandor

    Thoughts on Paid Promotion?

    So yeah, I have been "in the business" for quite some years, and have had over 3 channels now. I however haven't ever hit the 1000 subs mark. I recently picked up my last youtube channel with the 32 subs it had back then, and am using it to post new content and hopefully grow it. As I see...
  4. FraYoshi

    YouCollab to collaborate

    This brand new (upcoming) app seems very interesting! I made a video about It :) I've been invited to the beta test that will start at 16th of June, following the link in the infobox of YouTube, will join the beta too ^^
  5. Morpheus0316

    Trailer with music this time

    I decided to add some music to the trailer to help spruce up the video!
  6. R

    Critique My Channel Please? I'm Stuck

    I was in between about posting this because some people could say that I am just sharing the link to my channel which is not exactly true. I want critiqued, be as harsh or as friendly as possible. Are my newest thumbnails appealing? (My...
  7. TheGIngerQueen

    How Do You Promote Your YouTube?

    I personally have a Tumblr and Facebook page for my channel, post to YouTube Google Plus communities, and I sometimes post to Reddit. What do you do to promote your channels?
  8. Wind Bro

    Channel Review

    Hey everyone i was wondering if you had a moment to check my channel and give some advice on how to grow, what i´m doing wrong , what i should be doing instead
  9. Dazb4t

    Just found something

    Dont know if its worth a look guys but a popular streaming tv provider now has a availability to stream your own channel seems to be good and click on the live social link. Seems to get a good audience.