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I'm a relatively new Minecraft Youtuber looking for opportunities through collaborating with other creators. I currently have 1100 subs.

I have two opportunities open currently:
1) I am opening a modded Minecraft SMP (version 1.16.5) featuring mods such as Ice and Fire, Dungeons Arise, Greek Fantasy and a few others. This will be a public server open to all YouTube creators regardless of age or sub count. This could be a really good opportunity for smaller youtubers to record/stream some fun content, grow their channels and also to meet other creators. I'll be streaming and making videos from this server so there is an opportunity to be in my videos and be noticed by my Youtube audience if you join.

2) I also have a 1.16.5 "paper" server which is a server that can use plugins. For this, I am looking for Youtubers either close to my subscriber count or bigger for videos such as manhunts, speed run races and other multiplayer games.

My discord is Jaykay710#8988
ok i am really good at minecraft parkour i am only 12 but i mean i do have a lot of experience with minecraft ive been playing since i was 6 discord calebDAgamer#1017
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