1. Jaykay710

    Gaming Minecraft Youtuber looking for collaboration opportunities

    I'm a relatively new Minecraft Youtuber looking for opportunities through collaborating with other creators. I currently have 1100 subs. I have two opportunities open currently: 1) I am opening a modded Minecraft SMP (version 1.16.5) featuring mods such as Ice and Fire, Dungeons Arise, Greek...
  2. OfficialRPGames

    Gaming Minecraft Server In need of more members! 2,100 subs

    First, our goal. We want to have a strong community of decently active members playing. We're all adults, things happen. Jobs, educations, life in general. That's to be expected, but what's also expect is a decent upload amount. At least 1 every week or so, to keep things going progress wise...
  3. ForbidenProdigy

    Gaming Looking for People to Play With

    Just kinda looking for other small channels to try and play with to hopefully help each other grow in the long run or at least someone with the same interests to be friends with and bounce ideas off of from time to time. I don't really have anything to offer right now since I have pretty much 0...
  4. iRyan

    Gaming Looking for Loyal Committed YouTubers for Yogscast Style Channel.

    We're looking for a (possibly multiple) committed experienced high quality gaming youtuber to be the final puzzle piece of our YouTube channel Pop! Pop! Pop is a fun multiplayer gaming channel starting 23rd July 2018. The Pop Podcast is a fun laidback podcast hosted by me (Ryan) and Tom the...
  5. mumblez207

    Gaming PS4 collaboration?

    Hey everyone I am looking for people to Collab with playing one of the following games/gamemodes: Call of Duty WWII: Multiplayer (TDM, DOM, partygames) Call of Duty WWII/Infinite Warfare (Zombies) FarCry5 (arcade/co-op) Fortnite Rainbow Six Siege Battlefront 2 Ghost Recon Wildlands Battlefront...
  6. MrYorkiesWorld

    Call Of Duty WWII | Gibraltar | Team Deathmatch 30-4 | Lets Talk Quality!

    Hey guys! So here we are, back yet again with another Team Deathmatch on Call of Duty: World War 2 on the PC. This time, we're in Gibraltar, with an impressive KDR of 30 - 4. Cheers! Yorkie
  7. Sickotik

    Gaming New Youtubers for Neebs Gaming type channel

    I'm basically new to Youtubing. Been video editing for 12 years. Doing Sound Design for 6. A Musician for 27. I'm 34 years old and would like to start a channel like Neebs Gaming. Just need other people as serious about videography and youtube as I am. Especially people with senses of humor...
  8. Ninselic

    Gaming Baldur's gate EE, Iron man/Hardcore collab!

    Hi! I like to try an Iron man Baldur's gate run with others! Iron man means that there will be no reloading the game from saves (expect for continuing after a break), so that means that if a character dies, they are gone for ever, hardcore style. If you never played BGEE before, that's no...
  9. Brito21

    Its litty! Battlefield 1 multiplayer!

    In this video I jump on some xbox one and put in work on Battlefield 1 gameplay multiplayer. Enjoy the commentary and see me light people up with the sniper. It was a lit game even though i was rusty. Mexican kid playing this battlefield 1 was tricky because all these kids take these games so...
  10. J

    Gaming Looking for gaming friends to collab with

    Hey guys I'm looking for gaming youtubers to collab with! I built my PC so I can run any game in the world and I'm 23 for those curious. I always upload 1080p 60fps videos no matter what if that matters to anyone. Some games I have are (not limited to): Garry's Mod Any golf game CS:GO Black...
  11. Nobodygaming

    Gaming PC In UK time zone please

    Sorry to say but i am in the UK so if you want to hit me up tell me your skype name and ill hit you up.
  12. DaftsquadJosh

    Gaming Looking For English Gamers To Join YouTube Group

    PC AND PS4. im not a racist just need english speaking people. playing minecraft, gta 5, gmod. MUST HAVE: recording software/capture card, professional editing software (sony vegas/premiere pro or whatever something like that fool!), BE FUNNY. loyal, discord. Register in comments like dis...
  13. Graveilgaming

    Gaming Terraria server! Need players for survival series

    Hi, so ive opened a terraria server and am looking for people who want to play, it's a new survival world so will be with new chars , you just play as you would normally, but ill do the recording & talking. Best thing is, if you're respectful and actually enjoy playing, the server is up 24.7 for...
  14. Humor Hub

    Mount Your Friends | Versus

    Four men enter, and all will get mounted, HARD. Who will win?
  15. VenomousCarnage

    Gaming I am looking to collab games on Xbox One/360

    I am looking for a couple of people to collab with by doing Co-op games together or just having fun doing multiplayer. there is no special requirements to collab with me as long as we all have fun doing something we enjoy and are passion about. Any genres of games will do I got a long list of...
  16. K

    Gaming Ps4 Looking to collab with people that are funny but don't curse too much lol

    BTW my videos are loud at times just to prepare you Check out my channel to see if our channel is similar We just like to have fun and make the games interesting Mostly play NBA 2K17 and WWE 2K17 and NO CHEESERS OR GLITCHERS!!!! But we are down to play other multiplayer games If you are...
  17. Tactical Gavin

    Gaming PS4 Crew

    Hey, I have lots of experience with YouTube, and I have an older channel with a little over 1,500 subscribers and 100,000+ views. I have decided that the content I was posting on there wasn't nearly the quality that I had strived for. I opted to start a new channel so I am not exactly "brand...
  18. D

    Gaming Looking for Collaborators! (16+)

    (deleting content for privacy reasons)
  19. Mr.raspberryxd


    We on a henny hunt we on a money hunt but at the end of the day all we did was catch those L's If you guys like the video.... SHARE it with your freinds! theyll enjoy it too and LIKE!!! COMMENT!!!!!!! and even SUBSCRIBE TO YA BOII!!!!!!!!!
  20. Surrendead

    Nuked my Soul - Ultimate Chicken Horse

    A compilation of funny moments I had with a friend while playing this game. As always let me know what you guys think! Any feedback on the subtitles/timing is appreciated!
  21. MajesticBox

    Battlefield 1 Walkthrough - Multiplayer , Assault , Support

    Battlefield 1 Walkthrough Multiplayer, Assault, Support, Hope you enjoy the gameplay
  22. inudog04

    Gaming Looking to do a collab for pc

    no minimum sub needed i only have 12 subs and feel like im in a bubble that prevents channel growth so i would like to collab to expand my channel i am tight on money and i dont have a large amount of multyplayer games but im up to play anything as of now the only games i have at the moment...
  23. CatTagz

    LOTS OF PROGRESS!! Terraria... ep 5

    Today what i got for yah is episode 5 of our Terraria lets play series, so here is some info about it. Its a Terraria lets play in a world called CatTagz Universe on Xbox 360 and this is the 5th episode. I hope you enjoy ;)
  24. MultiDragon129

    Dark Souls 3 [#12] Co-op LP |UNDEAD SETTLEMENT (/) (°,,°) (/)

    DARK SOULS 3 # 12 (/) (°,,°) (/) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It's been alittle bit since I've cycled back to Dark Souls 3 but finally...
  25. BlueNodule Gaming

    Gaming VR Multiplayer Games

    I really don't have any preference for the game or the person, there are just a ton of multiplayer VR games that I would love to play with another youtuber. If you have a virtual reality headset like the HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift and you feel the same way, let me know and maybe we can start a...
  26. MultiDragon129

    ︻╦デ╤━ Starcraft II: #3 TURRET CITY ━╤デ╦︻

    TURRET CITY ! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Starcraft II is back for an EPISODE 3! more chaos with my undying unit....I still have yet to figure out why that unit...
  27. KKDaniel


    Im looking for a person that would like to do a Minecraft survival series on PC preferably people with the GMT (ENGLAND) You need to be 12-14 years old We can have a laugh do some funny stuff but stay mature and professional I also have GMOD if you would be interested IF YOU WANT TO HELP...
  28. Toast Gaming

    No More Health Camping For You! | LawBreakers Enforcer and Titan Gameplay

    You know what's annoying? People who camp health stations in LawBreakers. Lets put a stop to that!
  29. Neskeptic

    Gaming Minecraft Server ( Vanilla/ No Mods) (Private)

    Hey guys i'm starting a Minecraft server that is on the latest version of Minecraft with no mods. If you would like to join to start up a YouTube series or just to play the game than you can. All you need is -Skype -Over 13 years old - Knowledge about the game If you have a mic that would be...
  30. DerpyMLG Scoper

    Gaming New Gaming Group-Funny Moments

    Hi guys and i am recruiting members for my gaming group: Requirements: -good mic and a good connection -skype -steam( multiplayer games like gmod smite minecraft dead island 7 days to die...) -over 20+ subs...