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Aug 31, 2016
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First, our goal.

We want to have a strong community of decently active members playing. We're all adults, things happen. Jobs, educations, life in general. That's to be expected, but what's also expect is a decent upload amount. At least 1 every week or so, to keep things going progress wise. I've watched the Hermits on Hermitcraft since 2012, and i've always wanted to join them, but until that day comes I want a community of my own to call home! That's where you come in!

We currently have 4 members that are on regularly and building. We just did a reset before the 1.16 update and reset the nether after the update. We do have a shopping district starting, so get in and make some diamonds while the ideas are fresh!

To join all you have to do is answer the following questions in this form

quick and simple!

ABSOLUTELY NO CHEATING! - for real though, i've already banned a few people for using xray mods.
Respect others property and recording times. Discord is fair game for whatever words you want, but try to keep in game pg-13
Above all, have fun. It's a game, and we're here to enjoy it!

About me, I'm a tuber who has been around for a little bit, seen my fair share of faces come and go. I have over 2,000 subs and growing naturally by the day. I do play more than just minecraft, but at the moment i'm currently IMMERSED in the new update with tons of ideas. Would love to do collabs and have fun with little pranks/challenges along the way.

Here's an example of a recent upload from the server!
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