1. Jaykay710

    Gaming Minecraft Youtuber looking for collaboration opportunities

    I'm a relatively new Minecraft Youtuber looking for opportunities through collaborating with other creators. I currently have 1100 subs. I have two opportunities open currently: 1) I am opening a modded Minecraft SMP (version 1.16.5) featuring mods such as Ice and Fire, Dungeons Arise, Greek...
  2. OfficialRPGames

    Gaming Minecraft Server In need of more members! 2,100 subs

    First, our goal. We want to have a strong community of decently active members playing. We're all adults, things happen. Jobs, educations, life in general. That's to be expected, but what's also expect is a decent upload amount. At least 1 every week or so, to keep things going progress wise...
  3. Laitz


  4. Laitz

    Daily Fun - Part 1 - 4K

  5. Laitz


  6. T

    Gaming Looking for a server that I can troll people on

    Sort of Like what Doni Bobes does for most of his videos. I would prefer a server with around 100 people or more on at a time, but I'm not picky. Realms wouldn't work as they don't allow mods, plugins, or large amount of people.
  7. B

    Gaming 7 Days to Die players needed

    so my friends and i just setup our own 7 days to die server and now we are looking for people who want to play on it. We are all Youtubers/Twitch streamers with the majority of us being from UK. Add me on discord for more info or if u wanna join us
  8. AllTheLittleThings

    Gaming Minecraft Modded Server

    Hi everyone Im just putting this forum out to see who would like to join a custom modded server that me and a few friends have made your welcome to record on it too and everyone that is on the server is a youtuber so its great to collaborate with others if you are interest please let me know by...
  9. U

    Gaming Deleted

  10. sauzzy

    Gaming Overwatch, Rust, Rocket League, osu!, and much more xD

    I'm a brand new channel looking to post at least 2 or 3 times a week somethin and am looking for some people who preferably have discord to chill wilth and make videos with me :) if you are interested in making videos not wining because I'm bad than hit me up :D
  11. KoziOnPc

    Gaming Unturned Roleplay

    I am looking for someone to collab with on a Unturned RP server it dose not matter how many subs you have just looking to make fun and entertaining videos. Requirments: GMT Timezone or 1hr ahead Decent mic Skype if your interested contact me on Skype:KoziOnPc Ps.Im willing to play other...
  12. Yodysseus IV

    Pooptopia - Annunaki Genesis

    Welcome to Pooptopia, Come join our crazy adventure and hang on for the ride! If you want to become a Pooptopian just let us know :D Season 3 Opener::
  13. KrazyCries

    Gaming ARK Survival Evolved Server

    Looking for an ARK survival evolved server, family friendly and kid friendly language that is active and records together for YouTube or Streams. Thanks My YouTube is KrazyCries
  14. Dark2W

    Gaming 7 Days To Die Server

    Looking for some people with 50+ subs, skype, and can play 2 hours of the day. Leave your skype name :)
  15. Dark2W

    Gaming 7 Days To Die (Server)

    Hey guys, basically I'm thinking about making a server or just buying one and I wanted to do a collab with some other people who have the game and a small or big channel just to have fun with. Maybe we can do 2 groups who are against eachother or just something. Requirements - 720p Videos - 25...
  16. SwanwickLP

    Gaming Looking for people to play with

    Hey guys! My name is SwanwickLP and I have just recently started making youtube videos. Here is a little bit about me: I am 14 years old and live in Chicago. I was wondering if there were any smaller minecraft or Ark: Survival Evolved servers that were willing to take me in? Thanks guys! Just...
  17. BaconVerse

    Gaming Looking for Gmod Players to Collab + Server Owner

    Hello guys I am a youtuber with around 500 subs and I wanted to really get a group that is willing to do some gmod videos with me! One problem is, is that I'm broke asf and can't really get a server right now. I'm looking just for some guys with a great sense of humor and willing to record...
  18. A

    Gaming Now Accepting Applications! RAH Nation Minecraft Server!

    The OFFICIAL RAH Nation MineCraft Server will be accepting applications once 1.9 releases! This way NO ONE can go in to creative at any point for any reason (we are currently in creative periodically for our EPIC adventure series)! I will be getting a MineCraft realm so the server will be up...