Gaming looking for people to collab with.


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okay so i have recently completely re-branded my channel(removd old stuff) and i want to start over. I'm looking for people that simply want to have fun together playing games. like lets plays ETC. i want to do some ghost series(meaning only 1 of us will be playing, so that you can have a better conversation). i mostly play PC games. but i do have an Elgato hooked up to my Wii-U (primarily for smash bros). generally I'm someone that REALLY likes making videos (even if they are not for me, but just joining a lets play on your channel). so pretty much whenever I'm at home I'll be willing to record.

I'm mostly looking to have some fun with people. my humor is very corny and i like being comfortable with the people I'm around (so if you're quickly offended, this might not be the thing for you). my mic is pretty good (using a Samsung studio condenser mic). but i don't mind if you don't have a studio mic (not everyone has singers in their family like me).

if you're just trying to chill while recording and have a few laughs, I'm the person for you.

I'm a little new to this site, so apologies if my thread wasn't that good.
Hey dude I would like to collab with you. Me and my friend have this channel called JunkBoxGaming. Here is my skype michael.copeland.49. Hope to hear from you.