1. KidssFunn

    Unboxing Play Doh kitchen creations!!

    Hey guys, watch me unbox my play doh kitchen creations.
  2. KidssFunn

    Mixing all my Play Doh together!! I think it is FUN!

  3. Inspired Content

    depended heavily on annotations

    I had been in the process of scripting out a whole bunch of video ideas in two categories that relied on annotations, and was set to begin the first one in June. well they discontinued the annotation feature and it's replacement doesn't have the functionality I needed. So rushed to script up a...
  4. Aaron Mendoza

    As a Gaming channel, where do you stream?

    I am wondering if i should stream to YTGaming because it is small, and Stream goes to my YouTube channel after. I know twitch can do it too, but you have a time limit. Anyways i have 1k and alot are inactive, or eventually watch. I want to start live streaming with facecam and everything...
  5. G

    Gaming Hello Android Gamer!

    Hello guys!. My name is GeneralEveryGaming and im looking for friend to play and collab with!. I play android games. If you have any mobile android phones, just message me!. I will be hoping if you want to be my youtube friend!. Bye!!.
  6. MechaJake

    First Stream Ever! Darksiders celebration stream :)

    Hey Everyone, Last night I tried something new (with some bare bones equipment, but I made it work ;p ) and hosted my channels first live stream! Not settled on a schedule yet, but I had a lot of fun doing it. I might aim for a stream a week and keep working on my more edited content. the...
  7. AMX Gaming

    MAMA IS SCARY!! (Tattletail Finale)

    This is the final episode of tattletail will we die in this finale, will mama take back her children? find out what happens in this tattletail gameplay. Thank You For Watching, Have A Very Nice Day
  8. FrankenPixelGaming

    A LITTLE TEASE - A Link to the Past Part 9

  9. sphamedia

    Gaming Anyone looking for a partner in pc gaming?

    Hi, im not a letsplayer, i make parodies and stuff but i was doing a collab with another youtube and i had fun so id like to do it again, im 25 and mostly pc game. I have a steam account with the same name as this one if you want to have a look at what ive got
  10. AMX Gaming

    Challenge Accepted | Bendy And The Ink Machine Gameplay

    ok so it wasn't exactly a challenge but i took it as a challenge to play this bendy and the ink machine very interesting game with a 1930s like style cartoon. the idea in this indie horror game is to search for items to start the ink machine once again, we soon realize that there's a deep...
  11. Surrendead

    For Honor - Campaign Playthrough Part 1.1

    Starting a new series for full playthrough of campaigns. Starting off with the newly released for honor!
  12. AMX Gaming

    Night Blights: Toys Are my Friends

    Night Blights is an indie game where we have to keep our family safe from these monsters trying to kill them, these things appear at random and we either feed them toys, close doors or make sure they don't get inside the house sadly the game has no sound so i added my own sounds to it, hope you...
  13. BigBryanGames

    My first Let's Play! Journey Part 3 (first video post on here)

    I started my first Let's Play on YouTube. :) It's Journey. I'm enjoying the game lots, and commentating is quite fun. :D This post is of Part 3 since it's my first video post on this site, but if you would want or you enjoy this video, feel free to check out the first two parts on my channel. :)...
  14. DoctorBlue99

    Gaming Xbox One Looking For More Youtubers

    Hi there! Me and some of my friends that play on Xbox one are looking for one/two more Youtubers to play a few games with us! We already have a small group of 3 or 4 so this is just for extra friends :-). It would really help if you already knew what you were doing and already put out decent...
  15. Mr.raspberryxd

    CONOR MCGREGOR BEAT MY @SS!! [Call of duty: Infinite warfare campaign]

    yoooo guys call of duty campaign is so hot they got conor mcgregor, flat booties, and hella explosions! XD sh!t was fire!!!
  16. terror569

    BrittanyMcLarge On How To Play Ezreal I League of Legends

    Well damn my second girlfriend Brittany is playing Ezreal.
  17. terror569

    Playing PokemonGO On iPhone 4?!?!

    well as the title say? :D
  18. Brenden

    Gaming Minecraft Survival Challenge [SEASON 1]

    I'm making a new series based on a challenge I have come up with. A Minecraft survival island. The way it works is we get 4 or more people to all do a let's play of this seed (1.10) 8490482450382478731 The way it works: 1) Each player is on Hard difficulty. Survival mode. When creating the...
  19. Winger94

    THIRD NIGHT in Dungeon Nightmares 2! Truly a nightmare!

    This game didn't seem so scary at the beginning. The first 2 nights went so nicely and nothing bad actually happened. Now it's different: all those jumpscares are attempting my poor heart, I don't know for how long it will survive. I hope you'll like this video and of course, if you have any...
  20. Mattaxol

    MORE WILLIS MISSIONS | Far Cry 4 (Feedback again please? :))

    Hi!! The last time I asked for feedback I got some really thoughtful constructive criticism, and I decided to try to take the feedback and use what you guys said, and so, can you please let me know how I did? Anything I should change?? Thank you :)
  21. GameramaTV

    BLUE BEAR VS. RED DINOSAUR #3 | Gang Beasts on Gamerama

    Billy the Blue Bear takes on Richard the Red Rex in episode 3: round 4. This time they are attempting to burn each other alive, all in good fun.
  22. MapleStream

    UNDERTALE - Part 8 | MapleStream

    Hey there, Ray here and welcome back to another part of my UNDERTALE playthrough In today's part, I channel my inner gaming abilities to defeat a mad dummy. It was very hard. Be proud of me :) If you enjoyed please leave a like or a comment, they go a long way. -Ray
  23. 8Bullets

    Gaming PC Collaboration - Rainbow Six Siege

    Hey there, As seems to be the theme around these parts, just started a new gaming channel on Youtube and am currently playing a lot of rainbow six. Looking for 2 or 3 players to add to my friends list who play regularly, seriously and don't mind featuring on my channel. Sense of humour is a...
  24. beotheorcqueen

    Level of frustration is TOO DAMN HIGH - Emily Wants To Play FINALE

    It's Valentines Day and everybady is talking about love and Deadpool and here I am, cuddling Emily, because she needs love too.
  25. beotheorcqueen

    Emily Wants To Play #1 - SCARIEST GAME EVER!

    I've seen Belcoot playing this game, and after few minutes I turned video off because I've decided to try this as well! And here, watch me trying not to scream, playing Emily Wants To Play. :D
  26. Cody Daniel

    MELTING MY MIND! | The Beginners Guide - Part 1

    I dive into the deepest game in all of history! This game really makes you reflect on everything in life!
  27. H

    anyone know what is going on here? really like what's the point xD

    I mean guys can you tell me what this is xD?
  28. Rising_Star_

    Gaming looking for people to collab with.

    okay so i have recently completely re-branded my channel(removd old stuff) and i want to start over. I'm looking for people that simply want to have fun together playing games. like lets plays ETC. i want to do some ghost series(meaning only 1 of us will be playing, so that you can have a better...