Please check out my youtube channel. I play call of duty and offer great content. My youtube channel is SupaSavage Gaming

please don't miss out!
Hey I'm really interested @ElitePotato I have 400 subscribers and use a blue yeti mic and record at 1080p60fps. And I would really like to fins someone who has Call of Duty World at War or Black Ops 3 so we can do custom mods! If you have those things or just interested in collabing with me then message me on discord. It's MattTries#6823
Heya! I just sent ya an invite on discord. Unfortunately, I don't have CoD as my PC is too 'non gaming' type to play that. However, we can always find other games to collab on![DOUBLEPOST=1498570983,1498570960][/DOUBLEPOST]Sent ya a friend invite :)[DOUBLEPOST=1498572413][/DOUBLEPOST]
hey bud, would love to collab, contact me on Discord Browny#3873
Just sent a request! :)[DOUBLEPOST=1498572451][/DOUBLEPOST]
Yo Im down for this :p I just dont like using my mic , that being a big issue.
That's fine, but how would you like to collab then? Cause people won't know who you are XD
Hello I'm a small YouTuber but I've been making videos for a while now. if you would like to play some games and record I would be happy to.
ayye i currently have 190 subs & i usually get around 100-1k views per vid. if ur interested join my discord Rg5nZU or add meh on twitter @sUbZentr0. im new to this sight tbh xD