Request Looking for HD Channel logo and banner (will pay)


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Hey, thanks for being interested in helping.
To better gauge how I might like these done, my channel is just starting up but I look to make videos on gaming, vlogs, how to videos, tell stories, just pretty much everything.
Here are more specification as to what I look for in my requests:

Logo ($5):
Variation 1: High-quality logo. My youtube name is AKhilleus, so I would like the letters A and K to be a part of the logo. Large lettering with there possibly being a "slash" between the letters (there is a file attached with a concept, I'm not good with photoshop). Preferred colors are blue (primary), and secondary colors can include gold/bronze, black, or white (whichever).
Variation 2: High-quality logo. I would like my name AKhilleus on the logo underneath a Spartan helmet, whether the helmet is facing sideways or forwards I'll leave to the professional haha. Again, preferred colors are blue for primary, then gold/bronze, black, or white for secondary colors.

Channel Banner ($10):
For this I don't have a complete vision. I would like the design to be clean, the primary colors to be blue for any graphics and a white background. Possibly the name AKhilleus in larger letters somewhere on the banner, as well as a modern design with space for me to insert my social media handles if needed and some images. A template of this banner would be fine too, doesn't need to be completely done.


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Hi there! I am an experienced graphic design. I am able to design you a logo and channel banner,

add me on skype (ebacon104) so we can further discuss this. I can show you some of my previous work.
Hey man I would be happy to do a custom profile pic and banner for you. I already have a few ideas in my head on what i can do with both the profile pic and banner. If you would like to contact me further please email me at
Here are some examples of my previous works
yt banner 1 updated.png gr.png gr6.png gr2.png gr3.png gr4.png gr5.png gr7.jpg