1. Jevan Simmons

    5 min Chest Workout: At Home pushups-Follow Along

    5 min Chest Workout: At Home pushups Follow along with me as we do a home pushup workout for the chest! Takes less than 5 minutes!! Please Like, Share, subscribe, and leave a comment!! Follow Me and my Family! ►Subscribe – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf5FMZfLOHRipAHgRT-YJKA...
  2. K.piddy


    HAAIIII all i have a video that might save yall some time in your beauty routine check it out
  3. Nivolt

    Request Profile Picture and Banner [Free]

    Hey! I have 800 subscribers on YouTube and am looking for new channel art...I would like a Profile Picture and Banner for my Channel. My Channel name is "OC Nivolt". It will be the first one on YouTube. If you can help I would really appreciate it!
  4. Akhilleus

    Request Looking for HD Channel logo and banner (will pay)

    Hey, thanks for being interested in helping. To better gauge how I might like these done, my channel is just starting up but I look to make videos on gaming, vlogs, how to videos, tell stories, just pretty much everything. Here are more specification as to what I look for in my requests: Logo...
  5. JayPlays

    How to download videos from Youtube to Your Computer (Easy Way)

    Hey guys, here is a simple tutorial on how to download videos from Youtube to your computer!!
  6. styks

    Gaming Xbox1 gaming 13-14years old

    id like to collab but cant do that when I have nobody so help me out and just send me a message also we onley accept 14 years under thank u.
  7. B

    Services Free channel banners, logos and intros!

    Id be glad to create anyone banners, logos, intros, or even a thumbnail! I may be young but if you check out my channel all the art is made by me. To request free art Skype me, my Skype is Benny203, after then tell me what you want, and give me your ideas for it, you can give me your logo if...
  8. Azuraii

    Request Easy Banner Needed

    Ok, so I'm sorry if this is way to much, but if anyone would be able to do this that would be amazing. All I would need is two of my profile pictures on the sides of text that says Azuraii, with a caption under it, Subscribe for more slightly above average videos. The background can just be...
  9. FraYoshi

    New captioning style

    It's only to me or... YouTube changed It's captioning style? I like this one so much!! Now It's easy to read xD
  10. SudoNYM

    Happy to help :)

    Hey guys. My name's Josh. I'm a new to youtube, however I'm pretty seasoned in terms of making graphics - especially channel art... I even draw pictures and create digital illustrations. I'm also pretty experienced when it comes to traditional medium too - check out some of my doodles @joshzor...