1. Youth for Clean Media

    Other Calling all content creators!

    Hi, my name is Liam and recently I started Youth For Clean Media! We are a group of kids who want to bring together anyone and everyone who makes clean stuff! Here is a little bit about my channel and the requirements: Channel Type: Community/Collab (I promise that it is not an MCN) Type of...
  2. T

    Gaming Looking for a channel of any size to collab with in Minecraft!

    It doesn't matter how big your channel is, but it should have decent quality and no swearing. This would probably be a short-term thing, although it could become something lasting (you never know!)
  3. R

    Finished/Closed Need Channel art, Logo, and Avatar! Will Pay

    I have a few ideas and are fairly simple. Need an experienced artist to create for my new YT channel. Message me on here or email me at if interested. Thank you!
  4. Akhilleus

    Request Looking for HD Channel logo and banner (will pay)

    Hey, thanks for being interested in helping. To better gauge how I might like these done, my channel is just starting up but I look to make videos on gaming, vlogs, how to videos, tell stories, just pretty much everything. Here are more specification as to what I look for in my requests: Logo...
  5. A

    Comedy Open For Professional Collabs!

    I'm over 1,000 subs looking to expand and create videos with others. On this channel I've mainly made gaming videos but I use to make comedy sketches and green screen videos. Looking to get back into clean family friendly skit videos. I'm 25 live in va. I use to make clean rap music as well...