Comedy Looking for Collabs(Pranksters)

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Hey, we are a channel of three and just hit a thousand Subscribers and was wondering if their is anyone in the state of Michigan who are looking to collab with us. We focus mostly on public pranks. You can contact us at our email at if you are interested. Thank You!
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What's up, I'm from New Jersey, kinda far ha, but i'm looking for collabs too. I do pranks as well as vlogs all in one channel, currently with about 10+ prank vids. My channel name is Louor
Hey bro, you down to do some like challenges or dares or stunts? I'm seriously down for anything. I'm in NJ too and totally down to travel. Things are rough and I'd really be down to do some crazyness to get hits on your channel. I've got almost a Millie views, haven't done much for me so you can have em ;)
The OP of this thread hasn't been back to the forums in over 9 weeks, so I've locked this to prevent confusion about active collabs. ^^
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