1. A

    Comedy Pranksters in Chicago willing to collab?

    Hey guys, I have a YouTube channel that I have been uploading on for every month so far. I was wondering if anyone is down to do a collaboration with me in Chicago on doing pranks. Not the "hood" type pranks though.
  2. Eddie Henderson

    Comedy Looking to collab with other pranksters

    If you are a prankster public or around the house prankster shoot me a message!! Im extremely dedicated to YouTube and to my channel so please be serious about collabing. Im also open for doing funny challenges as well! I live in Northwest Indiana/Chicago Land area. Im funny, great to get along...
  3. SEGtv

    Comedy Looking for Collabs(Pranksters)

    Hey, we are a channel of three and just hit a thousand Subscribers and was wondering if their is anyone in the state of Michigan who are looking to collab with us. We focus mostly on public pranks. You can contact us at our email at if you are interested. Thank You!
  4. ShoopkoTube

    GoPro's for filming pranks?

    Hi there! I just updated my channel with new Hero4 Silver!action ca I think it's a great little mera and everyone will tell that! I have no problem using it, 4 Silver has a built-in touch screen which makes everything a lot easier! My concern and question about it is: I hate ''fisheye''...