Gaming Looking for Black Ops 3 Xbox One and PC Custom Zombies Collab for YouTube and Twitch.

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AJ Bruh

Liking YTtalk
My gamertag for Xbox One is AJ Bruh.
Message me for an add on Steam.
I try hard on Black Ops 3 and I want to meet people to pubstomp with and have a good time streaming and recording with!
Hey man. I wouldn't mind doing a collab with you! I have about a 2.3 K/D ratio. I haven't reached the max prestige yet but I wouldn't mind doing something with you! My gamertag is AFlyingRadish. I am free Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights. If that works for you. (weekends as well of course).
Yeah! We could all collab! I have a 2.4 KD so that's good! I'll add you guys on Xbox, or you can add me: AJ Bruh. Maybe next weekend we can get something going!!! Thanks guys!
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