Is Youtube too saturated to really be successful now?

Is Youtube too saturated to really be successful now?
It's no different than the music industry, or professional sports, or any other industry that has seen its competition increase over time (due to various factors). As time goes on, the industry becomes saturated and you have to be that much better to succeed. That being said, with Youtube there was a decided advantage for those who became popular prior to 2012, when everyone was invited to become 'partner' and monetize their videos. That added an obscene amount of competition over the next couple years which is something that Youtubers prior to 2012 did not have to deal with. It was much, much easier back then.
It's an interesting question, but why do people constantly ask it? I get the feeling people just want a handy excuse. I'd rather focus on what I can control now. I'm not going to wonder about the "good ole days" when it was supposedly easier to make a name for yourself. Did authors ask this when the typewriter was invented, "Geez, now anyone can write, now there's too much competition"?
It is never too late. There are probably millions of channels with millions of subs. Every year that passes a new group of the population gets introduced to something they didn't care about before. A 10 year old may have no interest in dark souls, but when they hit 13 it may be the best game they ever played. Rinse and repeat. Is there stiff competition, yes. However people everyday do it and win. There is two types of folks. Those who post 50 videos, get low views and quit forever. The other type posts 50 videos, gets low views and post 100 more. You have to be dedicated even in the worst of times now. For most there isn't a get popular quick button. You have to enjoy your content and want to post it regardless of the views. If the only reason you post is to get views, you can fail quickly if you don't achieve what you want. Granted, if you've posted 10k videos for the last 10 years and still only get 10 view a video, it may be quitting time. But if its only been 6 months don't give up yet. Rome wasn't built in a day.