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  1. D

    show me the way

    hi everyone im new to this youtube thing . some time ago i had a somewhat a nice little package of gear nikon D750 with an external rode mic and a used phamtom 3pro drone really nice one by the way , I had one problem , I was not patient and never took the time to plan the shots or do litle...
  2. L

    Gaming New and Looking For A Collab Group!

    Hey! I've decided to make a new channel and I'm looking for a chill group of people to collab with. I haven't uploaded anything yet, because I'm making sure I have everything I need, but this is the last thing I need! I'm primarily a Xbox One player but I'm slowly switching to PC. I really just...
  3. Skyler Henricks

    Is Twitch the New YouTube??

    Just wanting to try to see if anyone else has this thought?? Several of my favorite YouTubers have been getting demonetized for no apparent reason and with Amazon owning twitch they have some money and a large company backing them!! I just have seen some YouTubers uploading there whole library...
  4. Bro D

    Reddit Feedback

    Whats Poppin Everybody. In an effort to do everything I can, and get my gaming and reaction videos everywhere possible I stumbled across Reddit. And I am just curious, what is everyones feedback with doing so? Has it had a positive impact on your views and subscribers? Also, is there any other...
  5. Heather White

    5000+ Views!

    My channel hit over 5000 views! I'm so excited to be half way to the 10K mark. Any tips on how to increase my growth? Will brands be more interested in working with me once I cross the threshold? Thanks for your support you guys!
  6. Heather White

    Crunchless Ab Workout For At Home Or The Gym (Just Body Weight)

    I have a challenging crunchless abs workout that you can try at the gym or at home. This will tone and flatten that belly in no time. If you enjoy the workout, I have plenty more workout videos on my channel. Don't forget to come subscribe to join my tribe! Crunchless Ab Workout Routine
  7. Doctor Dano

    Youtube is BROKEN losing subs and views

    Do you guys and gals feel the effect of the new Youtube Policy? In my experience: I have a small channel that grew every couple of days, with one to two subscribers. My views went up with every 2 new videos. Now recently, I lost 6 subs in a couple of days, something that is rare to happen. I...
  8. Xaegoba

    Youtubes New 10k Ransom Rule

    So the new rule that YouTube is enforcing is that you must have 10k lifetime views on your channel before you can make any money, supposedly this is to prevent unmonitored videos that have very inappropriate content from getting money.. I'm currently a very small channel and so far (even though...
  9. H

    When should I create a channel trailer?

    Hi All - I'm a new Youtuber, and I'm planning for the future of my channel. I know having a channel trailer can be very helpful for new visitors, but since I only have six videos so far, there isn't much to advertise. After how many videos should I create a channel trailer?
  10. QuestionBoxEntertainment

    Welcome To QuestionBoxEntertainment

    I am new to YouTube and I have made some Videos in the past and i continue to post every week, so be sure to check it out please Thanks
  11. zaralynette

    I need help improving my lighting?

    Hey you guys so I just filmed a wig review video on my channel and I need feedback on the lighting. I used two clip lights on stands and a (cheapo) ring light on the camera lens. I was also in front of the largest window in my house. The lighting still seems dark to me and I was wondering if...
  12. Rafij Rahman Rohan

    Need advice to get first 100 subs :)

    Hello best friends, My name is Rohan.I just running a YouTube channel on my name where I post Tutorials,Tips & Tricks,Techs video.I always try to give you guys some quality content.I already got my 18 subscriber in 1 month.I am a new YouTuber so I need tips & advice to get my first 100 subs...
  13. magnamious

    Anyone else remember video replies?

    I honestly kind of miss video replies because I used find other YouTubers who made similar content to the YouTubers I already watched. I think it was actually a pretty good way for small YouTubers to get discovered. Does anyone else miss it? And if not, why?
  14. Its Ryan


    Hey guys I have some thing to tell you guys and you should NEVER do these things. Many fellow youtubers and viewers get really mad at this stuff. 1) NEVER self promote on other people's channels. Its just common sense. Its annoying 2) DON'T SO SHOUTOUT SUNDAYS!!! Oh my god I see so many thirsty...
  15. TheMercenaree

    BEGINNING THE FOREST TEMPLE | Twilight Princess HD: Part 11

    We start the forest temple in this episode. We also learn a new skill that's pretty awesome. If you want to check out more of my videos, then click that red box below.
  16. TheMercenaree

    3 GIANT BOSSES?!?!?! | Hyrule Warriors (Legend Mode): Part 28

    We have King Dodongo, Manhandla, and Gohma all making a return in this episode, and we have to defeat them ALL!!! It's gonna be challenging. If you want to watch more of my stuff, just click the red box below.
  17. TheMercenaree

    THE TEARS OF LIGHT | Twilight Princess HD: Part 10

    We are tasked with filling the Vessel of Light with Tears of Light in this episode, and that's exactly what we do. If you want to check out more of my videos, just click the red box below.
  18. TheMercenaree

    WE ARE THE ENEMIES?!? | Hyrule Warriors: Part 27

    In this episode, we play as Ganondorf for the first time (he is also the only playable character we can use at this time). That leads me to believe that we are the enemies this time, but I wouldn't be sure. Eh, just watch the video. If you want to see more of my content, click the red box...
  19. TheMercenaree

    THE END OF CIA | Hyrule Warriors: Part 26

    We finally take out Cia once and for all in this episode. It's exciting and we even fail once. NOTE: Sorry that the facecam audio quality is kinda bad. I tried to fix it, but i couldn't. Completely unintentional.
  20. TheMercenaree

    DEATH BY A HAWK | Twilight Princess HD: Part 8

    This episode of Twilight Princess HD is full of stuff happening. Midna needs a sword and shield and apparently, we are killed by a hawk?!?!? Eh, just watch the video.
  21. TheMercenaree

    New-ish Gaming Channel

    What's up everybody? I'm TheMercenaree. I make gaming videos of Nintendo games. Currently, I'm doing two playthroughs: one of Twilight Princess HD and one of Hyrule Warriors. I'm currently trying to grow and your help will be greatly appreciated. My Channel...
  22. G

    Is Youtube too saturated to really be successful now?

    Has Youtube gotten to the point where there are far too many people starting channels that you really don't have a shot of making it? Also, do you think there are any new social media sites similar to Youtube that are growing and could compete with Youtube in the future? I'm thinking it might...
  23. Brad Parrett

    How To Get Out There?!

    I'm just starting out my channel, I have a few videos and I post them on my Facebook and twitter but I am having trouble reaching out to people past that and getting subscribers. Any ideas that can help me raise the bar to get more subscribers and viewers?
  24. Yada X

    What do you guys think of my channel?

    :wavespin: Hello guys i'm Yada X and I started my channel a month ago and it's basically a vlog / comedy channel. I am loving it and even though i only have 56 subs it is so fun to make videos and just laugh lmao. But yeah tips on my channel and feedback would be great because I feel I am...
  25. Crown

    YouTube gaming - new feature

    Brand-new user experience puts games front and center, including live gaming. View content in three ways: through Games, Feed and Channels. Hang out with your favorite YouTube Creators in our new Live system, featuring improved chat latency and moderation. Good shelf...
  26. FraYoshi

    YouTube Doodle xD

    did You notice the YouTube icon? There's a doodle as in the google homepage now!!!