Is subs4subs worth it

In my personal opinion sub4sub is not good for your channel because they will never watch your content and will just be an inactive subscriber that would look bad for the channel if you had 1000 subscribers but only getting 10views a video. You want to try and grow the channel organically so you have a community. As soon as you have a community you will start to grow faster.
It´s all been said. It is pretty much worthless and you will just end up with dead subscribers. I did sub4sub in the beginning. I actually found a video on YouTube that told it was a good way to start if youu had a brand new channel but little did i know:) The subs you get will never watch your videos anyways
No its not worth it because your making videos for others to view it, and if your doing sub 4 sub then the chances are that the other person isnt really interested in ur content and if you sub them then u might not be interested in theirs either so for both of you it just isnt worth it. U could get thousands of subs that way and still only end up with a few viewers, so for me it doesnt justify it